For college scholarship purposes, there are essentially three classifications of international students:

1. International students who are either currently living in the United States or those that can prove they have the resources (money and visas) to move to and live in the US,

2. International students in Canada, and

3. All other international students and applicants.

If you fall into one of the first two categories, you should be able to find many college scholarships for which you qualify.

If you happen to fall into the third category, here is the brutally-honest truth of your situation:

There are only a very, very few scholarships awarded to applicants in this last category and the competition for them is extremely, extremely intense. The vast majority of scholarships for international students are only awarded if you can prove that you fall into either category 1 or category 2 above. If you do not have the money and visas to move to and live in the United States, we are not aware of any scholarships for which you will qualify. Additionally, we are not aware of any colleges or universities that offer full scholarships for you either.

If you fall into the third category, unfortunately, there is very little you can do. Unless you have the absolute highest grades, standardized test scores and outrageously exceptional extracurricular accomplishments, there is nothing you can do.

We are fully aware that there are many extremely talented students with truly extraordinary test scores and grades. We have no doubt many of these students have unlimited potential to make very significant contributions that will benefit all of mankind. While we sincerely wish we could help you, we do encourage you not to despair and make a contribution however you can which will likely include attending a university outside the United States.